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Gerhard Frank

Traineeship in Lüttich, Bonn and Paris

Self-employed lawyer in Düsseldorf since 1983
Founding partner of the legal firm Busekist, Winter & Partners

Specialist areas: Trade Law and Business Law in general, Traffic Law and Criminal Law

Languages of correspondence: English, German, French and Dutch

Eurojuris Deutschland e.V. since 1990 – President of this network from 2002 until 2010
Eurojuris International – co-founder of the International Business Group
Eurojuris “ITTT” Practice Group
Belgian-German Jurists’ Association
German Bar Association (DAV)
German Association for the Rights of Accident Victims (DIVO)
Criminal Law Working Group within the German Bar Association

Private memberships:
Düsseldorf Hockey Club
Duvenhof Golf Club


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